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Jobs in the Music Industry (MB)

Subject Area: Music

Links to the Manitoba Music Curriculum Outcomes:
  • 5–8 M–u3.1 – demonstrate understanding of the multiple roles and purposes of music in society
  • 5–8 M–u3.8 – describe a variety of music-related careers
Brief Overview of the Lesson:   

Many students are passionate about music but they may not have enough talent to think about a possible career in the music industry. They do not have to be successful vocalists or musicians. There are many other jobs related to the music industry. This lesson allows the students to explore personal interests and musical talents and see how these skills could lead to a career in the music field.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:
  • Two periods
Materials Needed:
  • Chart paper, markers, internet access
Suggested Implementation Strategy:

Period One:

  • Ask the class if they think they have a chance of getting a job in the music field. Take a poll of how many students answer yes.
  • Ask if a person has to have musical talent in order to have a successful career in the music field. Does a person have to be a singing star or famous musician in order to make a living in the music industry? Can a person combine their love of music with a career choice?
  • Divide the class into pairs and ask them to talk about each other’s strengths. Ask them to think about their own abilities, both musically, as well as other skills and talents they have that could be applicable to a job.After allowing 5-8 minutes, ask the pairs to share their examples of their talents and skills. List these on the chart paper.
  • Then assign the task of researching on the internet the kinds of jobs that are available in the music industry. Each group will report back to the class next period what career-related jobs they found.

Period Two:

  • Each pair will share their research findings with the class. Make a list of these on another chart.
  • Then as a class, look at the chart listing the talents and skills of the students and the list of related jobs.
  • Lead a discussion linking their skills and talents to the different kinds of jobs there are in the music industry.
  • Ask the students to comment on what job on the list they think could be a suitable match to their own talents and skills.
  • Ask again if they think they have a chance of getting a job in the music field.
  • Ask if they understand how their talents and skills can open up a wide variety of career choices.
Possible Links to the Home Program:
  • Jobs in the Community – Games – Ages 14-16
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Research educational institutions that offer different courses related to the music field.