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About the Program

Some General Q & As

1.      What is the purpose and goal of the program?

The goal is to focus attention on talking with our kids about money – and to encourage and support parents, guardians, and teachers to start or continue such talks with youth. Canada’s Task Force on Financial Literacy noted that improving financial literacy was a shared responsibility, that it would be a lifelong process, and that it was important for financial education to be provided in our public schools. This project responds to all of these key points. In addition, experts and research indicate that young people can benefit from early discussions about money – to help build knowledge and skills for the decisions they will face. Any day could be “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” but we are focusing on one day a year to “get conversations started” and bring attention to the importance of talking with our kids about money – starting at a young age.

2.      Who is the target audience for the program?

There is a “School Program” and a “Home Program.” The School Program targets teachers and students. Teachers from all grades and subject areas are encouraged to participate. However, to make things easier for school and classroom management, the program specifically targets students. Teachers are encouraged to teach a lesson on the Day, relevant to their subject area, with a focus on a money topic. The Home Program supports parents and guardians with children of all ages.

3.      If my colleagues teaching different grades want to participate, can they?

By all means! Our hope is that all teachers in a school may be willing, on the Day to have a talk (lesson) about money. At the same time, any number of teachers from a school can choose to participate – from one to all. Targeting a single grade is to try and make it easier for schools to organize and manage participation. However, there is nothing to stop any teacher at any grade level with participating in Talk With Our Kids About Money Day – and we encourage any interested teacher to do so!

4.     How do I register for the program?

Go to and click on the word REGISTER. You can register as an Educator or Parent/Guardian. Once you have filled in the required information, you will have the ability to access all of the lesson plans. You will be able to select and save the lesson plans to your favourites, edit your profile, and change your password

5.      How are schools and teachers being supported?

Lesson plans for a variety of subject areas have been developed as examples and suggestions and are on the website ( – and more will be added over time. Our goal is to provide teachers with options and choices. Circumstances and realities vary in every school and every part of the country. We encourage teachers to create their own ideas or adapt those that we have provided to suit their needs.

The lesson plans developed have been linked to the provincial curriculum. On the website, when a teacher registers, he/she will be provided with the sample lessons provided for the province where the registrant lives. Access is also provided to the lesson plans for other provinces as reference and for further ideas. Lesson plans have been developed with the aim that they will not require much preparation, and will be fun, engaging, and educational for students and teachers. The website, designed to support the program and teachers, provides online access to additional information, ideas, resources, teacher’s guide, and tools. The website also provides an opportunity for teachers to post questions if they require further assistance.

6.      How are parents and guardians being supported?

The “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” website provides parents and guardians with ideas, activities, tools, resources, etc. to help them engage their kids in talks and activities about money on the “Talk Day.” The support resources are organized by age range – e.g. ages 5-7, ages 8-10, etc. There are ideas for activities in the community, day trips that could be taken, games, activities, music, TV shows and movies to watch, etc.

We recognize that the interaction of a parent/guardian with a child is different than that for a teacher – and the ideas, activities, etc. aim to reflect that to make the suggested “talks” and interactions fun and engaging for both parents/guardians and their children in a way that is comfortable and “fits” with the parent/child relationship. Participating schools are encouraged to send home and share information with parents/guardians about the program in the hopes of getting families engaged and supporting the efforts of teachers at school.

7.      What is the cost to participate in the program?

There is no cost to a teacher, student, parent, or guardian to participate.

8.      Is the program available in English and French?

Yes – all aspects of the program are in English and French.

9.   Will this be an annual program and, if so, what will determine the date each year?

Yes – this will be an annual event and will take place any day during the year.

10.   Will there be help available throughout the year or just on the “Day?”

Yes – as noted, any day can be “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day.” While we are focusing on a single day to draw attention to the importance of talking with youth about money and money matters, parents, guardians, and teachers on any day can, and are encouraged to, have such a talk or to continue a talk that has been started. The “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” website will be up and active all year long to support any and all who wish to help our youth by talking with them about money – and helping to prepare them for their financial future.