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Teachers, students, parents, and community leaders who have participated in TWOKAM are the best advocates for the program. Read what some of them have to say. Click here to send us your testimonial or join us at #TWOKAM #MoneyFair.

I was so impressed with the presentations, the conversations, and the format of the fair. Thank you to each of you for spending your time with our students and our staff to ensure relevant learning in a realm that is so misunderstood by many. Together we made a difference in the future choices of our youth! We would love to have the feedback you collected in planning next year’s event!

Jillian Marino, EPSB, Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve spent a career working to help Canadians Feel Good About Money! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we learned the basics as kids and didn’t have to make major money mistakes in our adulthood that can take years, even decades to fix? That’s where the incredible work of Gary Rabbior, CFEE and Talk To Your Kids About Money Day come in.  Take part and help your kids learn what you didn’t about finance growing up.

Kelley Keehn, Award-winning, best-selling author/Consumer Advocate, Financial Planning Standards Council

Kevin Johnston, who has worked with Nashwaaksis Middle School on Talk With Our Kids About Money Day the last few years, shares his take on why it’s so important to teach kids about money BEFORE they’re heading off to college/university, or out on their own.

Kevin Johnston, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Fredericton, N.B.

Dianne Kay, Director of Curriculum and Instruction in Fredericton, N.B. shares why she’s seen so much value in using the Talk With Our Kids About Money program with students.

Dianne Kay, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Anglophone West School District, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Dr. Shelley Quinlan shares her take on why it’s so important to teach kids about money and Talk With Our Kids About Money Day in April.

Dr. Shelley Quinlan, Fredericton, N.B.

It seems like your teachers and educators are already doing a fantastic job at this. I love the structure of your lesson plans and find great value in having as many schools involved as possible.

Please reach out if you think of any other ways I can help. In the meantime I will gladly spread the word amongst my network and peers.

Melanie Ireland, Scotia Wealth Management

I started the conversation about money this morning. All is going well. Great interest. We discussed a lot about spending and choices. Right now they are in groups coming up with their own print ads for a cereal, dog food, or fruit juice. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. Lots of great conversations going on around me!

Jill Rowe, Teacher at St. Paul’s JH (Newfoundland and Labrador)

When I heard that middle schools would have a chance to participate in this day (TWOKAM) and I saw how the day would play out, I couldn’t wait to be part of such a valuable learning opportunity for the youth and an awesome way for students to get involved in their learning about money in a positive, informative and “real” way.

Jill Johnson, Teacher, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Fredericton, New Brunswick

The more you establish saving habits at a young age, you’ll be better off throughout your life. Full Story

Jane Rooney, Canada's Financial Literacy Leader

Anytime you can get the conversation started between parents, students and teachers, it’s a good deal. Full Story

Kevin Sorenson, former Federal Minister of State (Finance)

Collaborative effort to try to help all young people to be able to improve their financial skills. Full Story

Sally Massey-Weibe, Provincial Coordinator (Manitoba)

The Money Fair is a great way to dispel myths and enlighten the topic of Financial Literacy. It has been a positive experience for students and staff, I know from my perspective as an administrator, it is here to stay, and staff are willing to jump on board.

Christopher Mes, Principal, Immaculata High School, Ottawa

The TWOKAM website has been a valuable website for educators in our board. The wealth of resources and ideas have provided rich experiences and conversations that have been invaluable in teaching our students the importance and value of money. As a board, we continue to promote TWOKAM, its website, and the day in April to better prepare our students and their financial futures.

Chad Richard, K-12 Program Consultant for Numeracy, Durham Catholic District School Board

To see the kids respond to this and run with it was just great, and honestly I’ll tell you I learned so much along the way. This is true inquiry learning and the kids learned some really important lifelong lessons through their research and the presentations we had,” said Couture. “The nice part was that it tied in really well to all aspects of the curriculum. Whether it was public speaking, presenting or social studies and learning about things like the fur trade it all fit really well.

Albert Couture, St. Bernard School in Saskatchewan

The TWOKAM program is designed to be a catalyst for more discussions. Full Story

Gary Rabbior, President, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education
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