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When Times Are Tough

Category: Books | Age Group: 8-10


Money Can Cause Lifestyle Changes


A copy of the book When Times Are Tough by Yanitzia Canetti (available at Amazon or the public library)


When times are tough, it is difficult for children to understand why things change. Children may ask “Why can’t we buy new toys, go out for dinner, or why aren’t we going on vacation this year?

This book follows a fictional family that faces very real economic challenges, and shows how they are able to overcome each one together. It is a timeless and reassuring tale with an optimistic ending.

  • Read the title of the book and ask your child what “When Times Are Tough” means.
  • Tell them you are going to read a book together about a family that has to make changes in their spending habits in order to save money.
  • Ask your child how the family members felt at the beginning of the book compared to how they felt at the end of the book.
  • Ask your child why the author wrote this book.
  • Discuss the cost of eating out at a fast food restaurant. Plan a similar meal at home and compare the savings by eating at home.