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What community-based organizations can help you in financial education? (QC)

Subject Area: Mathematics, French, Ethics & Religious Culture

Key questions to answer:
(1) What available resources can help you better handle your finances?
(2) What resources are available for Money and Youth?

Brief Overview

Discover various organizations to help youths manage their finances.

Role Play

What are various community resources available for financial literacy?

Learning Area(s)

– Resolve a situation through a math problem and communicate with the help of a mathematical language
French: Read and appreciate various texts
– Oral communication following various guidelines

Living together and citizenship
Educational Intent: Help students participate to the class or the school democratic life, develop an open attitude about the world and respect diversity.
– Responsible consumption and use of goods and services: differentiate between desires and needs; what influences consumption (media, family, friends, peer groups, etc.); make smart choices regarding consumption; balance a budget; production/consumption ratio; individual needs and collective needs.

Expected Result(s)

Identify and use one available resource.

Explaining the Learning Material

Read various texts, write texts and present financial literacy organizations.


Browse the organization’s Websites and present the organization.

Knowledge Consolidation

Share results with all students on the school Website.


Structure evaluation methods
Obtain information on targeted abilities :
Gather information on targeted competencies:

· Using several methods (observation, interview, etc.)
· Using various tools (evaluation grids, self evaluation, questionnaires, etc.)
· A competency tree can simplify the creation of evaluation tools.

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____ Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

· List of Community Resources in the area
· Various Websites
· ACEF Contact
· Bank representative to show how to open a bank account, how to create a budget and balance spending and savings.
· Use various Budget Management software
1. Personal Finances: basics from the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (Participant Workbook)
2. Let’s Talk about Money, Financial Market Authority, Centre Ressources Jeunesse, Réseau des carrefours jeunesse emploi (Contact : Stéphanie Morin, Agente de développement et de liaison,
3. Make it count, Financial Market Authority,
4. Talk with our kids about money, CFEE Website (
5. Other resources:
· Équité Montréal
· L’ACEF :
· JA Quebec :