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Smart Shoppers (ON)

Subject Area: Language & Media Literacy

Link to Ontario Language and Media Literacy Curriculum:
  • Listening
    • 1.4 – demonstrate an understanding of the information and ideas in increasingly complex and difficult oral texts in a variety of ways
  • Speaking
    • 2.1 – identify a range of purposes for speaking in a variety of situations, both straightforward and more complex, and explain how the purpose and intended audience might influence the choice of speaking strategies
  • Reading
    • 1.3 – identify a variety of reading comprehension strategies and use them appropriately before, during, and after reading to understand increasingly complex or difficult texts
  • Writing
    • 1.5 – identify and order main ideas and supporting details and group them into units that could be used to develop a summary, a debate, or a report.
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

The students will use the Internet to read about how to be a smart shopper. These articles teach teens how to spend wisely and save money. After reading and taking notes they will share what they learned with the class.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One class period

Materials Needed:

Computer, paper and pencils

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
Options for Consideration:
  • The class may be asked to write a paragraph summary about their topic.
Extended Learning Opportunities: