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Rocks to Riches

Category: Books | Age Group: 11-13


Life Goals


A copy of the book Rocks to Riches by Elisabeth Donati. You can order a copy online ($12. 95) at:
hopID=401&prodID=41742&qty=1 Or at Amazon, (Kindle edition is $9.99)


This book aims to empower kids when it comes to money and what’s truly important in life. It’s about five kids that go on a treasure hunt, with a twist. It teaches them a valuable life skill: how to reach their goals. It is great reading for this age group and will appeal to parents and guardians as well.

  • Talk with your child about goals and goal-setting—and why setting goals is important. Talk about how, when you set goals it gives you something to aim and plan for. Talk with your child about their goals and see if they have set any yet—and work with them to identify some goals—very short term, short term, and longer term. Talk with them about what it is that’s important to them when they are setting their goals for what they would like to attain or achieve.
  • Next, talk with them about how they are going to achieve these goals. Next, pick one goal and talk about how to plan to achieve that goal—what will be needed, what actions will have to be taken, what might have to be given up to achieve that goal?
  • Then, together read Rocks to Riches. It is a book that many say reads like a good movie and the story tends to make you feel good about people and life in general.
  • It will take several days or longer to read the book together. As you progress through the book, talk with your child about how the kids in the book reach their goals.
  1. The following website provides a goal setting activity that you may wish to use.

(S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym that stands for goals some key criteria that should help guide goal-setting activities—that is, goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based. You probably won’t use these terms but you can talk with your child about these criteria—using plain language—that they should think about when setting goals.)