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Responsible Consumer and Worker (Consumption and Needs) (QC)

Subject Area: French, Ethics & Religious Culture

Brief Overview

To introduce students to the program, Talk with Our Kids About Money, organized by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE).  Through exploration of the website and its resources, students will gain insight into aspects of financial management.

Role Play

Ask students to define:
– Different types of needs

Learning Area(s)

French – written understanding and understanding of texts
Ethics and religious culture – Practising dialogue
Because it is an introduction, the 4 general learning areas are involved

Expected Result(s)

Help students understand the Maslow Pyramid to differentiate essential needs from superficial (optional) needs.
To satisfy a need, one must be able to earn money.

Explaining the Learning Material

2 types of needs:
Essential needs are necessary to life: clothing, food and lodging
Superficial needs are useful, but not necessary to life (e.g. take a taxi, buy CDs)


– Welcome students
– What is an essential need? Give some examples
– What is a superficial need? Give some examples
– List your essential needs in order of priority.
– Help students find a logical approach to defining the order of priority.
Example: Make a table listing:
– Essential Needs
– Superficial Needs

Knowledge Consolidation

Help students question their needs (are these needs an appropriate and useful choice?) and rationalize their choices before they take action (i.e. buy).


To make sure students understand, they will be given an activity sheet listing several needs and will need to identify those needs.

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____ Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Pencil, paper, eraser