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Money around the world (QC)

Subject Area: Mathematics, Social Studies

Brief overview

This situation involves becoming familiar with foreign currency.

Learning area(s)
  • Mathematics
    Competence 2: using mathematical reasoning
    Analyse the conditions of a situation, use of methods appropriate to the approach in question.
  • Social studies (geography)
    Competence 1: reading about the organization of a territory
    Refer to different cartographic representations of a territory, emphasize the different realities.
Explanation of the teaching goal

Various currencies and their value according to the exchange rate.

Expected results

Make the students understand the significance of the term “currency”, place them in their geographical context and calculate their value.

Real-life situation

The teacher shows different kinds of money to the students and asks them if they are familiar with these types of money.

★ If the teacher has money from various countries, it would be interesting to show them to the students; if not, there are images given in the Appendix.


The students should carry out the activity “Currency around the world” (in the Appendix) using the “Currency and exchange rates” table (in the Appendix). The teacher briefly explains the instructions and makes atlases available for the students.


The teacher corrects the activity with the students (corrections in the Appendix) and leads a discussion based on the following questions:
– Which currency has the greatest value? The least value?
– After the “Currency around the world” activity, what country would it be the most beneficial to visit in terms of saving money? Why?


This situation does not require any particular provisions.

Material required

– Atlas
– Appendix: Images of different currency
– Appendix: “Currency around the world”
– Appendix: Currency and exchange rate table
– Appendix: corrections for “Currency around the world”

Assessment track

Mathematics: Correct use of concepts that are relevant to the situation (C.2)
Social studies (geography): Establishment of relevant components that make up the organization of a territory (C.1)
★ The teacher is free to adapt each section according to the needs of his group and the progress of the situation.