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Living in an apartment (QC)

Subject Area: Mathematics, Social Studies, French

Brief Overview

Evaluation of the cost of living through French, Citizenship Education (Social Sciences) and Mathematics.

Role Play

With questions:
– Who would like to live in an apartment?
– Where would you like to live?
– How many rooms?
Distribute one newspaper to each student.
They will need to find the Classified section and circle offerings that appeal to them.

Learning Area(s)

Math: adding, multiplying, subtracting, dividing, mathematical reasoning, use the correct calculations depending on context
French: reading comprehension, oral expression, writing
Social Studies: Understanding actual cost of real needs, general knowledge, orientation

Expected Result(s)

– Help students understand the value of money and the cost of living
– Respecting money vs. respecting things
– Be aware of reality (wage vs. real needs vs. secondary needs)

Explaining the Learning Material

– Realize how important it is to sign official paper (what it implies, read carefully)
– Available resources to get help (advisor, Internet)
– Fill a rental agreement together (point out all important areas)
– Point out the date at which the rental agreement ends (as the agreement is binding)
– According to your revenue, is it realistic considering fixed expenses+rent+needs+etc.


– Welcome students
– Ask questions orally to students
– Distribute the newspaper
– Find an apartment
– Make the call (prepare for questions that could come up)
– Fill in the rental agreement (together to prevent possible issues)
– Calculate money in vs. money out

Knowledge Consolidation

Simulation Exercise


Understand how important our actions are when it comes to official documents.
Understand possible consequences (bad credit, needing to cut our basic needs, etc.)

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____ Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Pencil, writing board, rental agreements, paper, calculator, eraser, phone, newspapers, computer