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Job preparation (QC)

Subject Area: French

Brief overview

This activity is intended to make students aware of the process of seeking and obtaining a job.

Subject area(s)

French, language of instruction
• Competency 2: writing varied texts Writing a structured and coherent text, respecting the purpose of the writing, appropriate revision
• Competency 3: communicate orally using various methods
Practise individual speaking about interests, habits and attitudes, react and adjust to the questions offered, use an appropriate level of language and an approach appropriate to the situation

Teaching goal

– Approach towards gaining employment
– Awareness and validation of personal resources
– Steps to follow and attitudes to adopt

Expected outcomes

Make sure students are aware that they must follow certain steps before obtaining a job. Among other things, they have to think about what type of job is most suitable for them, write a cover letter, and complete and interview.


Role-playing can be done by having the teacher ask these questions.
• How do you find a job?
• How do you prepare for a job search?
To allow students to better identify the strenghts that they should emphasize, the teacher encourages them to partner with each other (both partners should know each other well) in order to find the personal qualities of each that would make them stand out.


The teacher explains the essential elements of a resume (personal information, education, work experience, qualities, personal interests, special knowledge, volunteer work, references). Then the teacher presents the model cover letter (available in the Appendix) and encourages the students to write their own letter.


As a group, the teacher goes over the lesson to remind the students that there are various agencies providing job search assistance. At the end, the teacher leads a simulated interview. Some example questions are available in the Appendix, as is the reminder “10 tips to follow for a successful interview”.


No particular provisions are necessary.

Required material

– Appendix: Model cover letter
– Appendix: Interview questions
– Appendix: “10 tips for a successful interview”
– Paper and pencils

Evaluation tracks

French, language of instruction: evaluation of a written text (C. 2), evaluation of the consistency of the work and the clarity of expression (C. 3)
*The teacher is free to adapt each section based on the group and as the situation unfolds.