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Decorating Contract (QC)

Subject Area: Arts, Mathematics, French

Brief Overview

To explore the arts by planning the decoration of a hall for a special event.

Role Play

A special event will take place at school. We are in charge of decorating the gymnasium.

Learning Area(s)

Arts (creativity)
Math (calculation)
French (planning, organizing)

Expected Result(s)

Students will need to be able to decorate the gymnasium (with tablecloths, posters, garlands, etc.). They will also need to budget for the event (sound system rental, decorating supplies, finger food, etc.)

Explaining the Learning Material

Students will need to use their imagination to decorate the gymnasium for the event. They will need various supplies and therefore calculate the cost for supplies and equipment rental.


Once they have calculated how much they have to spend, students will need to use their imagination, time, energy and commitment to decorate the gymnasium. They will first create a layout of the room then organize themselves to decorate it.
They will be supervised during the entire activity.

Knowledge Consolidation

With the layout they created, students will go to the gymnasium and complete their assigned tasks.


The event will take place in the gymnasium
Event follow-up:
What worked out well?
What didn’t work out so well?
What do we need to remember for next year?

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____
Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Scissors, pencil, glue, paper, cardboard, glitter, stickers, tape, sound system, finger food, drinks, cloth, etc.