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But I’ve used all my pocket change

Category: Books | Age Group: 8-10


Needs and Wants


A copy of the book But I’ve Used All My Pocket Change by Lauren Child, available at Chapters/Indigo or the Public Library


This funny book teaches the rewards of being frugal. It encourages a child to think about their needs and wants before spending their money. The book tells what happens when a girl has some pocket money and is very excited to buy a new toy. But she spends a little here and there, and before she knows it, she doesn’t have enough money left for her toy. Her big brother shares his money, but then he isn’t able to get the book he wanted. So she begins saving everything: a tangerine from lunch, bread for the ducks at the pond, and most importantly, her pocket change. In the end, she is able to help out her big brother when he needs a few extra coins.

  • Ask your child to read the title and predict what could happen to the pocket change.
  • Next, read the book together to see if their prediction was right.
  • Discuss what happened in the story and what the girl could have done differently.
  • Register at this free online site sponsored by Study Ladder to access financial literacy activities for students e.g. some activities are called “Pocket Money,” “Saving Money,” and “Needs and Wants.”