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Basketball (QC)

Subject Area: Mathematics

Brief Overview

To learn and use mathematical strategies to plan a basketball match.

Role Play

“You must plan sports activities for next season. As a manager, you will need to define the financial contribution for each player involved in school teams. Today, your task is to define the financial contribution for The Bears, the Male Youth Basketball Team.”

Learning Area(s)

– Calculation with decimals
– Calculation with fractions
– Calculation with integers, depending on context
– Calculation with percentages

Expected Result(s)

Students will do the activity alone, in silence, at their desk. I will walk around the room during the activity to answer questions. As students don’t all work at the same pace, some students will finish the activity in class, while others can finish it at home.
Students will use strategies used in class during past classes (explanations will be clearly laid out, with calculation details)

Explaining the Learning Material

There are 2 steps. First, I will explain how to find the percentage for a number, and how to come back to the unit.
For instance, to find 18% of 120.
120 g 100%
X = 1%
Y = 18%
120/100 = X X = 1.2
X x 18 = Y Y = 21.6
18% of 120 is 21.6.
Then, I will explain that when have the word “of” and we must multiply to find the number’s percentage.
For instance, finding 18% of 120. 18% g 0.18. Therefore: 0.18 x 120 = 21.6
(They will be able to use the method they prefer.)
I will then explain the Basketball learning situation with their Roll Play Workbook.
All this will help them understand how to build and calculate a budget ($).
And understand why we must know how to calculate (money, budget)


Because it is third period, they will first read for 15 minutes.
I will then teach how to return to the unit, using several examples.
I will give them their Role Play Workbook and we will read it together.
I will clarify instructions and guide them through the activity.
They will work individually and silently.
I will walk around the room during the activity to help with questions or issues.

Knowledge Consolidation

If the Basketball activity isn’t finished in class, students will have to finish it at home. We will then do other similar activities in the next sessions to consolidate what they already know, in addition to do a follow up of the unit.


I will ask them questions:
– Did you like the activities?
– What strategy did you prefer?
I will also ask students to talk out their daily planners to jot down their homework (finish expenses).
The remainder of the activity will be finished in class
(Revenue calculation and final calculations)

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____ Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Students will be able to use their calculator, their Role Play workbook, their strategy workbook, a pencil and an eraser.