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Category: Movies, Music & TV | Age Group: 8-10


Don’t let money change your relationships


A copy of the movie “Aladdin” (1992)


The old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness is the focus of this movie. It teaches children that having a lot of money doesn’t necessarily bring contentment. Keeping promises that you make to others and being a true friend is more important than riches.

The movie summary:

Aladdin is a young street urchin in Agrabah, and he dreams of one day becoming royalty — particularly after he meets the beautiful princess Jasmine. After finding a magic lamp containing an all-powerful (but imprisoned) genie, Aladdin pretends to be a prince to win Jasmine’s hand. After Aladdin experiences the life of a rich prince, he has the opportunity to wish for it to be permanent. But instead, he wishes to free the genie, just as he promised. Despite the fact he’ll miss out on marrying the princess, he knows his friendship with the genie is more important than riches. In the end, making the decision that is right for his relationship with the genie means he impresses Jasmine’s father and gets the happy ending anyway.

  • Suggest that you watch this movie together with your children.
  • After watching the movie, ask your children if they think Aladdin did the right thing by freeing the genie. What would they have done? Talk about what Aladdin learned from his experience with the genie and why Jasmine’s father allows a happy ending after all.
  • Read the book Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst, illustrated by Ray Cruz. This book is about a boy who receives a dollar from his grandparents, and he feels positively rich! Unfortunately, the money is ‘burning a hole in his pocket’ and soon Alexander somehow spends all he has within a short amount of time, leaving him with only bus tokens. How did that happen? It teaches children a good lesson about money management.