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Hay Day

Category: Movies, Music & TV | Age Group: 11-13


Producing, Buying and Selling: How an Economy Works


Internet access on a computer, iPad, or iPhone


This fun, free, time management activity teaches children how to handle money wisely and how an economy works. It teaches how supply and demand for goods influences prices. Hay Day simulates farming by allowing players to try their hands at planting crops and caring for livestock to earn money. The player starts out with a few fields in which to grow crops. Children learn how to sell their crops to make a profit and eventually level up in the game. Each level brings improvements to their farm and new responsibilities.

  • Download the game at:
  • Suggest to your child that you play this game together. Help them get started but then let them make their own choices in the game. Let them learn from their mistakes, e.g. if they ask for too much money for the wheat they want to sell, no one will buy it quickly.
  • When your child gets farther into the game, suggest they check out this website to get an idea about goods they will be able to make at higher levels. It explains what crops they will need in order to produce new items and how long it will take to make them.