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It’s never too late to start!

The financial education of our children should start early. CFEE's Talk With Our Kids About Money program provides teachers and parents with free tools and resources designed/geared to help them have relevant/age appropriate conversations about money.

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Talk With Our Kids About Money Day will be different this year

We won’t be “celebrating” Talk With Our Kids About Money” on April 15th this year - but it’s still an opportunity for learning with families hunkered down at home. Stay safe and well everyone.

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Homeschooling Your Kids in These Anxious Times? It’s a Great Time to Talk With Them About Money

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With kids at home, please use our TWOKAM resources for at-home learning.

Money Fairs; What are they?

A Money Fair is a fun way for students to learn about a money related topic. Students select a topic, prepare a presentation and present it. It’s a great way to showcase their work and share what they have learned.

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Talk With Our Kids About Money Day will be different this year

We won’t be “celebrating” Talk With Our Kids About Money”...


I was so impressed with the presentations, the conversations, and the format of the fair. Thank you to each of you for spending your time with our students and our staff to ensure relevant learning in a realm that is so misunderstood by many. Together we made a difference in the future choices of our youth! We would love to have the feedback you collected in planning next year's event!

Jillian Marino, EPSB, Edmonton, Alberta

I’ve spent a career working to help Canadians Feel Good About Money! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we learned the basics as kids and didn’t have to make major money mistakes in our adulthood that can take years, even decades to fix? That’s where the incredible work of Gary Rabbior, CFEE and Talk To Your Kids About Money Day come in.  Take part and help your kids learn what you didn’t about finance growing up.

Kelley Keehn, Award-winning, best-selling author/Consumer Advocate, Financial Planning Standards Council
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