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Filling the Pantry

Category: Activities: Local | Age Group: 18+ (Transition years)


Establishing wise and practical purchasing skills


Local food ads


As your son or daughter sets out on their own, they will need to develop good purchasing skills to ensure that they get the most from their available money. Even though you may have involved them in meal planning in the past, to be living on their own they will have to consider what the essential supplies are and how to get them in the most economical way. Helping them plan what they will need to start and how to best buy these items can help avoid inappropriate and costly purchases.

  • As your son or daughter prepares to leave home ask them if they have considered what food supplies they will need to begin their independent life.
  • Sit down with them and make a list of items that they will need to purchase.
  • Have them estimate the cost of these purchases.
  • Once that list has been developed, gather the local food ads and accompany your son or daughter to the appropriate stores.
  • Once at the store show them how to comparison shop, check for bargains and decide what size purchase makes most sense.
  • Having made the purchases, return home and compare the actual costs to the estimated costs they established earlier.
  • Conclude by identifying what insights were gathered from the experience.
  • A visit to clothing stores to study best purchasing ideas could also help them save money.
  • If needed, explore second-hand websites to purchase such things as dishes, small appliances or certain pieces of furniture.