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What kind of spender are you?

Category: Games | Age Group: 11-13


Spending money


Access to the online game “What kind of spender are you?” found at:


Often children spend money without regard for how much of their money they should spend or how often they actually spend money. In order to be a financially responsible adult they need to develop an awareness of their spending tendencies and whether or not they need to be modified to ensure that they have proper priorities and approaches to money that will provide a stable future.

  • Talk with your child about different types of “spenders”—those who plan carefully, those who are impulse spenders who make quick decisions on the spur of the moment, those who don’t like to spend their money, those that like to comparison shop, etc.
  • Ask your child what kind of spender they are. You may also want to talk with them about the kind of spender you are.
  • Once you have talked with them about the kind of spender they are, ask them to take the quick quiz found at the website link above and see what the results are.
  • Discuss the results with your child. Might they plan to do things differently in the future as a result?
  • With the quiz completed, go to the “Saving Calculator” activity found at the same website by clicking on the heading “Try it!” at the top of the page.
  • Work through the activity with your child to help them develop a plan to save for the purchase of a desired item.
  • Try the Entrepreneur Challenge activity on this website with your child to generate some discussion about what they might be interested in doing in the future.