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Wages (QC)

Subject Area: Mathematics

Brief Overview

To engage in a dialogue on salary ranges and to formulate different mathematical scenarios.

Role Play

Work individually, as a group or with a questionnaire:
– Did you know there are different kinds of wages?
– Can you name them (3)?

Learning Area(s)

Math: Solving a mathematical problem

Expected Result(s)

At the end of the course, students will be able to recognize et differentiate the 3 kinds of wages.
Students will be able recognize the various kinds of wages available on the job market.

Explaining the Learning Material

3 kinds of wages:
– Hourly Wage
– Fixed Salary
– By item completed
Students will have to be able to calculate earnings correctly depending on the kind of wages.


– Welcome Students
Activity as a questionnaire on the board:
There are several kinds of wages. Can you identify them with these statements:
“I work as a salesperson and I earn $8.80 per hour”
“I work from home making necklaces. I am paid $0.50 for each necklace I make”
“I work for a paper recycling company. I earn $340 per week”

Knowledge Consolidation

Test – Students will have to show their abilities by calculating various wages.


To make sure students understand the learning material, they will be given a sheet of paper describing several kinds of wages. They will have to identify them.

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____
Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Pencil, paper, eraser