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Tracking Household Expenses (SK)

Subject Area: Science

Link(s) to the Saskatchewan Science Curriculum:
  • Assess the impact of past and current heating and cooling technologies
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

Students will brainstorm the costs of running a household. Using the internet they will research ways to improve efficiency in homes which will save money and help the environment.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One class period

Materials Needed:

Student group access to the internet

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
Possible Links to the Home Program:
  • Ages 14–16 – Crafts – Tracking Expenses and Managing Money
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • The students could select one appliance from their home and examine the energy efficiency rating of that appliance. They could then be asked to decide if it was energy efficient and, if not, how much could be saved by getting a more efficient appliance.