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The Company Men

Category: Movies, Music & TV | Age Group: 18+ (Transition years)


Considering Career Choices


A copy of the movie “The Company Men”


As young adults consider their careers and enter the work force, it is important for them to realize that people today are likely to change jobs several times. In the past, people often remained in the same job for their entire career. Chances are this will not happen in the future. The more skills a person has, the more job opportunities. Many young people dream of having a high paying job with a big corporation, but the reality is that the skilled professions may offer more job security. We can’t all be doctors, lawyers, or company presidents. This movie is about the life of three men trying to survive corporate downsizing at a major company and the effect that job loss has on them and their families. They discover that they were good at earning and spending a lot of money, and that without a job, there isn’t much they really know how to do.

  • Suggest to your child that you watch this movie together. After watching it, discuss what happened to the men in the movie and how a person could avoid their

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