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The common costs of running a home (BC)

Subject Area: Visual Arts

Links to the British Columbia Arts Education Curriculum:
  • A4 – create images using a variety of materials, technologies, and processes
  • A5 – create 2-D and 3-D images that convey personal or social beliefs and values for specific purposes
  • D2 – develop group and individual exhibitions for particular audiences and purposes
Link to the New Learning Standards:
  • Intentionally select and apply materials, movements, technologies, environments, tools, and techniques by combining and arranging artistic elements, processes, and principles in art making
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

The students will create a “mind map” of the cost of running a household and present their ideas to the class.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One class period

Materials Needed:

large paper and markers

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Ask the class to think about all the necessary costs that their family incurs over the course of a month.
  • Arrange the students in groups of 4–5.
  • Tell them first to brainstorm their ideas about the cost running a home.
  • They are to think about how they will represent these ideas, using pictures only, to create a mind map.
  • Share their mind maps with the class.
Options for Consideration:
  • If available, magazine pictures could be used instead to make a collage of the cost of running a household.
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Ask the students to discuss with their family what the costs are per month for these necessities and record their findings in chart form.
Sharing Opportunity:
  • Post a picture of the mind maps online for other classes to see.