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Smart Shoppers (BC)

Subject Area: English Language Arts

Links to British Columbia English Language Arts Curriculum:
  • A1 – use speaking and listening to interact with others for the purposes of
    • contributing to group success
    • discussing and analysing ideas and opinions
  • A3 – listen critically to understand and analyse ideas and information, by
    • summarizing and synthesizing
    • generating questions
    • visualizing and sharing
    • making inferences and drawing conclusions
  • A4 – select and use various strategies when interacting with others
  • A5 – select and use various strategies when expressing and presenting ideas, information
  • A8 – use speaking and listening to respond, explain, and provide supporting evidence for their connections to texts
  • B2 – read fluently and demonstrate
    • comprehension of grade appropriate information texts
  • C2 – write a variety of effective informational writing for a range of purposes and audiences that communicates ideas to inform or persuade
Links to the New Learning Standards:
  • Access information and ideas for diverse purposes and from a variety of sources and evaluate their relevance, accuracy, and reliability.
  • Exchange ideas and viewpoints to build shared understanding and extend thinking.
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

The students will use the Internet to read about how to be a smart shopper. These articles teach teens how to spend wisely and save money. After reading and taking notes they will share what they learned with the class.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One class period

Materials Needed:

Computer, paper and pencils

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
Options for Consideration:
  • The class may be asked to write a paragraph summary about their topic.
Extended Learning Opportunities: