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Sharing a Book – A Chair for My Mother

Category: On the Web | Age Group: 5-7


Using Money to Help Others


A computer to watch the following video at: and reading the book A Chair for My Mother by Vera B. Williams


In the story a family is saving to buy a new chair after a fire destroys their apartment and other possessions. It takes place in a city where the mother works as a waitress. It talks about the values of being neighbourly and helping others. The story stresses the importance of family and working together towards a common goal. The book teaches several money concepts, counting, saving, making choices, banking, and wants and needs.


• Before watching the video, tell your child that you are going to watch a video about a book called A Chair for My Mother, and ask if a chair is an important thing to have.
• Ask your child what things are important in their lives.
• Ask them what things they might like to buy if they starting saving their money.
• Watch the video together and discuss it afterward.

  • The book is also useful to read to older children because it introduces the ideas of jobs, earning tips, responsibility, community and working class people.
  • This story is all about saving money—a great opportunity than to practice counting money. Depending on the age of your child, you could discuss the difference between the coins, the names of the coins, Value of the coins. For a young child, you could simply count nickels and dimes, or practice sorting them
  • This book is a great one to discuss Fire Safety with your kids. Talk about the Firemen, and how their job is to put out fires, rescue people and help keep us safe.