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Money Lessons from Monopoly

Category: Games | Age Group: 16+


Show me the money


Monopoly Game


Monopoly is a fun family game where you can have a variety of opportunities to talk about money. There are a couple of websites that talk about the various “lessons” that can be learned from the game. You and your son or daughter can explore and talk about these lessons – see if you agree with them – but, at the very least, there will be a wide variety of topics to consider for discussion.


If your teen has never played Monopoly before, go over the rules and play a game just for fun. Then, visit the two websites below that talk about lessons that can be learned from the game. Talk about these lessons. Help your teen understand the “lessons” that the websites offer. Talk about whether you agree with what the sites have to say. Talk about any other “money lessons” that you or your teen believe can be learned from this game. If you wish, and are ambitious, talk about an idea for a new game that could be used to teach about money. If you could come up with a good one, there would be a great deal of interest in it—but just brain-storming ideas for possible games, and the lessons they could possibly teach, will provide opportunities for a range of discussions about money.

  • Use this as an opportunity to talk about how people can view money differently. People may have different ideas about how to use money—and what is important when it comes to considering money in life.