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Financial Literacy Terms and Definitions (ON)

Subject Area: Language Arts

Links to the Ontario Language Arts Curriculum Expectations:
  • 3.2 – spell unfamiliar words using a variety of strategies that involve understanding sound-symbol relationships, word structures, word meanings, and generalizations about spelling.
  • 3.3 – confirm spellings and word meanings or word choice using a wide variety of resources appropriate for the purpose.
Brief Overview of Lesson:

In this lesson, students will learn and define various financial terms to become more aware of their meaning and importance in life. There are multiple small exercises within this lesson teachers can choose to include in their teachings. Included is a glossary of the terms, match up game, fill in the blanks worksheet, and a word search.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:
  • One to three class periods (depending on how many activities you choose to use)
Suggested Implementation Strategy:

Depending on how much time you are wanting to spend focused on Financial Literacy there are a few different activities you can do with these words. Below are some suggested activities to do with your students. You may choose to do all or just do one; all activities can work independently on their own.

  1. Define terms and definitions with students.
  2. Spelling test with words.
  3. Match game (pass out words and definitions to students [one each] and have them walk around the room until they find their match.
  4. Word Search with these words.
  5. Activity where they have to fill in the blank using the correct word from a word bank.
Materials Needed:
  • Financial Literacy Glossary
  • Word Search
  • Word Cards
  • Fill in the Blank activity
  • Mark fill in the blank worksheet.
  • Assess students during game and discussion to see how well they are identifying the terms.
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Students could create their own game using these terms.
  • Students could research work environments where these words are primarily focused.
  • Use all of the suggested activities to create a well-rounded knowledge for students of key financial terms.