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Effective Advertising (BC)

Subject Area: English Language Arts/Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies

Links to the British Columbia English Language Arts/Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies Curriculum:
  • A1 – use speaking and listening to purposes of
    • contributing to group success
    • discussing and analysing ideas and opinions
  • A4 – select and use various strategies when interacting with others
  • A9 – use speaking and listening to improve and extend thinking, by
    • questioning and speculating
    • acquiring new ideas
    • analysing and evaluating ideas
    • developing explanations
    • considering alternative viewpoints
  • C2 – write a variety of effective informational writing for a range of purposes and audiences that communicates ideas to inform or persuade
    • Recognize and appreciate how different forms, structures, and features of texts reflect different purposes, audiences, and messages
    • Think critically, creatively, and reflectively to explore ideas within, between, and beyond texts
Links to the New Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies Framework:
  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge that they can use to bring their ideas from conception to fruition
  • Develop a lifelong interest in designing, making, and evaluating, products, services, and processes.
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

After a discussion about how companies try to entice buyers through effective advertising, the students will be asked to create a radio ad or newspaper ad for a new product.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

1–2 class periods

Materials Needed:

A few newspaper ads (tape of a radio ad if possible)

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Bring in a few ads for the class to see and or (hear).
  • Share the ads with the class by asking questions such as:
    • What they like about the ads, and what does not appeal to them?
    • What message does the ad attempt to make?
    • How does this ad try to lure you into wanting their product?
    • What techniques are used in the ads?
    • Are the claims in the ad believable?
  • Tell the class to think about how companies advertise a new product. They are to create and develop an ad to promote a new product, for use on the radio or in a newspaper.
  • Assess the creativity and effectiveness of the ads.
Possible Links to the Home Program:
  • Ages 11–13 — Activities: Home – Decisions and Advertising
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Have the students share their ads with the class and get feedback about the effectiveness of their ads.
  • Ask the class to make a poster advertising their product.
  • Ask the students to write a jingle or short song, promoting their product.
  • Explore the cost of putting an ad in various media forms.