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Earning, Spending, Budgeting, A Kid’s Guide to Money (AB)

Subject Area: English Language Arts

Link(s) to the Alberta English Language Arts Curriculum Outcomes:
  • 1.1 Discover and Explore
    • extend understanding of ideas and information by finding and exploring oral, print and other media texts on related topics and themes
    • express personal understandings of ideas and information based on prior knowledge, experiences with others and a variety of oral, print and other media texts
    • reflect on own observations and experiences to understand and develop oral, print and other media texts
  • 2.4 Generate ideas
    • create a variety of oral, print and other media texts to explore ideas related to particular topics or themes
  • 3.3 Organize, Record and Evaluate
    • produce oral, print and other media texts with well-developed and well-linked ideas and sections
Brief Overview of the Lesson:

The activity involves reading and completing an Internet brochure called “A Kids Guide to Money.” The students will complete a sample budget worksheet. They will learn about several money topics: earning, spending, saving, needs and wants.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One class period

Materials Needed:


Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Ask the students what they know about money concepts. Do they know what “opportunity cost” means?
  • Tell the students that today they will learn what opportunity cost is and learn about several other money concepts.
  • Tell them to open the following website and instruct them to read this brochure and complete the activities.
Options for Consideration:
  • The teacher may want to put the students in groups to do this activity.
  • If computers are not available, a smart board could be used to make this a whole class activity.
Extended Learning Opportunities: