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Business Research Project (NL)

Subject Area: Language Arts

Links to the Newfoundland and Labrador Language Arts Curriculum Expectations:
  • 1.5 use active listening skills to identify main ideas and supporting details
  • 2.1 practice a range of strategies that contribute to effective talk
  • 3.1 demonstrate active speaking and listening skills
  • 5.3 locate and select information from a variety of sources
  • 6.1 use examples and supporting ideas to explain personal responses to texts
  • 9.2 experiment with a variety of writing and representing forms and styles to suit purpose(s) and intended audience(s)
Brief Overview of Lesson:

In this lesson, students will research a business of their choosing and create a 3-5 minute presentation to give to the class about their findings. Included in the lesson are a list of businesses students can choose from, instructions for the assignment, guiding questions to formulate their presentations, and a rubric for evaluation.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

2-3 work periods and then 1-2 class period for presentations (depending on class size)

Materials Needed:
  • Internet access for research (computer lab if possible may be best for multiple students to research at same time)
  • Assignment Sheet
  • List of Companies for students to choose from for the project
  • Guiding research questions
  • Marking Rubric
Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Explain to students that they will be choosing a company to research its history and how it is running (expanding, declining, any potential risks in decline etc.). They will create a short 3-5 minute presentation to present their findings to the class Explain that you would like some sort of visual organizer included (Prezi, PowerPoint, chart paper, poster board etc.).
  • Begin by weighing out the benefits and the negatives to possibly running your own business. This could be a risk versus rewards focused discussion.
  • Encourage students to choose companies that they will be able to access information on. (Example Blockbuster (why did it go under) or Google (how did it expand) some may want to choose local businesses but then ask them how they plan to obtain information will they phone and set up an interview with management? Some may have family members who run their own businesses. Up to the teacher to decide if the student will be able to find enough information for their project/presentation.
  • You may choose to have students do this in partners or small groups depending on your class size. Inform students that only one student/group will be able to research each business.
  • Mark presentations using the provided Rubric.
Extended Learning Opportunities:
    • Students could attempt to set up phone or meetings with people who work for their selected companies to interview them.
    • Tours of possible companies that were researched (if possible).