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A Sorting Game on the Web

Category: On the Web | Age Group: 8-10


Identifying Needs and Wants


A computer and printer


Children need to know the difference between and NEED and a WANT. They have to learn they can’t always have what they want. Learning to make wise choices now will help them to be responsible consumers.

  • Go to the following website and scroll down to Page 2 and 3.
  • Make photocopies of both pages 2 and 3 and ask your child to cut out the pictures.
  • Put the pictures in a pile.
  • Discuss with your child the difference between a “NEED” and a “WANT.”
  • Ask your child to sort the pictures into 2 piles, NEEDS and WANTS.
  • Discuss each choice with your child and ask them how they decided if it was a need or a want.
  • During the discussion talk about how a need can become want. (e.g. a pair of shoes are a need, but you may want a special, expensive pair of shoes) and a want can become a need (e.g. a bike is wanted for fun, but can also be needed to get to school or work).
  • BMO site to teach the difference between needs and wants

  • Find tips on how to teach your kids need and wants

  • An article about helping kids learn that they can’t always get what they want