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Smart Shopping Tips (Atlantic Canada)

Subject Area: Family Studies

Link to the Atlantic Canada Family Studies Curriculum Outcomes:
  • GCO: Students will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of their personal responsibility in food preparation.
Brief Overview of the Lesson:   

The students will use a jigsaw teaching strategy to learn tips on how to save money on grocery shopping.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:

One period

Materials Needed:

Computers or other internet access, chart paper, paper and pencils

Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Lead a discussion about what saving tips they learned and compile a class list on chart paper.
Possible Links to the Home Program:
  • Why Do Things Cost So Much? – Activities: Home – Ages 11-13
  • What kind of spender are you? – Games – Ages 11-13
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Ask the students to share what they learned about smart shopping with their families and friends.