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Planning for the Prom

Category: Activities: Home | Age Group: 16+


Planning for an Event


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Students are often under a lot of peer pressure to go to the prom and purchase or rent new clothing, do hair, flowers, limousine, dinner, and pre-prom parties. You will want to help your teenager feel connected to their group of friends but also to be responsible when it comes to the cost of the prom. If your child is not of prom age, you can use the following as a guide to have a talk about planning for another event that may be up-coming.

  • Talk with your teenager about what their plans are for prom. Ask if they are going with anyone, what events are being planned before and after, and what they are planning to wear. Go to one of the first three websites below and together look at the checklist of things you need to think about, plan and budget for prom.
  • Using the Prom Budget Worksheet from website link #4 below, work with your teenager to prepare a realistic budget. Discuss how the budget will get covered.
  • Prom can be a very stressful time for teens. Although the budget is important to stick to, be sure to listen to your teen to understand the stress and emotional needs during this time.
  • Go shopping together to check out options for what they need to buy or rent. Decide where you want to spend the money. Find ways to share some costs with friends if possible.