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Hard Work Brings Rewards

Category: Activities: Home | Age Group: 5-7


Getting and Earning


Access to the two stories below under “Illustrations” – The Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs.


As children grow up it is important for them to learn that a person is known by what they do and not by what they intend to do. They should understand that they should do their best at all times and not shirk away from hard work. Hopefully, they will come to understand that if they want the best chance of good things happening they must apply themselves. If they apply this attitude to their school work and later to their jobs it will give them the best chance of being successful.

  • Find a quiet moment to sit down with your child; have a copy of the two stories with you so that you can read them together.
  • Ask your child if they know or have heard the two stories and would like to read them together.
  • Read the stories together.
  • Once you have finished reading the stories, ask your child how the red hen and the pig that built the house of bricks are similar.
  • Establish with your child that the red hen and the pig are similar because they worked harder than the others and, as a result, got something good in return.
  • Now compare the other pigs with the pig, duck and cat and establish the fact that they did not do as well because they were either lazy or did not work as hard.
  • Conclude the activity by establishing with your child that it is important to always try to do your best; if you do people are more likely to give you opportunities.
  • Have your child provide the insights they have rather than you telling them what they should think.
  • Relate how doing your best can increase the chances of earning rewards.
  • You could talk to your child about how they could earn something they wanted.