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Going to the Movies

Category: Activities: Local | Age Group: 16+


Saving Money


Access to the Internet


“A penny saved is a penny earned” is an old adage that will seem even older when the penny ceases to exist. But, if your child can get into the habit of looking for ways to save money—on a regular basis—and even for smaller scale items—the savings can really ad up. For example, going to the movies can be an expensive undertaking. But it is possible to plan ahead and look for ways to reduce the cost.

  • Talk with your teen about going to a movie. Review the internet or your local paper to decide what movie you would both enjoy.
  • Go online and see how much ticket prices are. Decide ahead of time if you are going to buy snacks. What will you buy and how much will they cost?
  • Talk about how movie theatres make money on selling snacks. Compare the prices of “combos” with buying items separately. Do you really need snacks? What about eating something before the movie that may cost less? Can you bring some snacks from home? Will you have to pay for parking at the movie? Can you avoid that or find a place to pay less?
  • Talk about the different ways you might be able to save money. Then, add up the costs if you made some of the changes you have talked about—and compare with the regular cost.
  • What’s the difference and how much can be saved? Then, plan your day for going to the movie and enjoy the movie together.

Discuss bringing snacks from home or not eating at the movies.

  • Explore ways of viewing movies other than going to the theatre that may cost less. You could also purchase a favourite movie that will allow the family to enjoy it over and over again—but only if it is a movie you will watch more than once. Talk about how money can be wasted on buying things that are only used once.
  • Review the survey results from the website below with your teen. Where does he/she fit on this spectrum?