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Donating Your Time

Category: Activities: Local | Age Group: 18+ (Transition years)


Giving back to the Community


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As young adults leave home and enter the world of independent living they are often overwhelmed with the new, increased demands on their time and resources. It is easy for them to become focused on personal goals and challenges to the exclusion of virtually everything else. Therefore, it is important to remind them of their role, not only as a working member of the community, but also as a responsible citizen who supports the needs of the community by giving back. This, given their likely situation, would probably involve volunteering their time as opposed to contributing financially.

  • Discuss with your daughter or son the fact that strong community members support both the needs of the community and those less fortunate by getting involved in some volunteer activity.
  • Explain to them that getting involved in a volunteer activity not only helps the community but it also helps the volunteer develop a sense of personal self-worth as they appreciate the significance of their efforts.
  • With this discussion as background, identify local agencies or organizations such as food banks, athletic organizations and charities that would benefit from the help of volunteers.
  • Once this list has been developed, decide on which one or ones your son or daughter intends to approach and then visit that organization to volunteer.
  • Offer your services as well if you are not already involved and together you and your son or daughter can make a contribution. This will also serve as a very natural connection between you and your child as they set out on their own.