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Do You Want to Own a Business?

Category: Activities: Home | Age Group: 14-16


The Challenges of Owning a Business


Access to the internet


Children who are considering being business owners when they enter the workforce need to be aware of the various aspects and challenges associated with owning a business. If they are aware of these challenges then they can go into any venture with their eyes “open” and avoid facing situations which could ultimately be very costly and affect their livelihood for a considerable period. Not everyone has the skills necessary to run a business or the temperament and personality to deal with the risks involved. By looking closely at both the necessary skills and the challenges facing the business owner children will better be able to decide if this is the type of career they wish to pursue.

  • During a moment when you are sharing with your child, find a way to raise the topic of on-line shopping and how it continues to grow in popularity.
  • Make the comment that this trend certainly is changing the way that many businesses operate.
  • Ask your child if they have ever considered owning a business as their career choice.
  • Have your child indicate to you what type of business they would run and ask what challenges they think they would face in running that business.
  • Have your child tell you why they think they are suited to running a business.
  • As an option to owning a business, together you and your child could explore the nature of some of the careers.