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Change Maker

Category: On the Web | Age Group: 8-10


Making Change


Computer and Internet Access


Children need to be able to keep track of their money so they are not “short changed” when they make purchases. This is an important money skill. Playing this online game will give your child practice making change. When they need help you can guide them and adjust the level of difficulty.


Open the following website, and choose Canadian currency and a level of difficulty that you think correct for your child. Watch the child play to make sure the level of difficulty is appropriate for them.

  • Open this link to play another online game to get more practice making change.
  • Allow the child to make their own purchase at a store, and let them count the change to see if it is correct. You can check afterwards and then recognize your child’s accomplishment if they were able to count the change correctly. If they made a mistake, help them to learn from that mistake to be better able to get it right the next time.
  • Ask the child to pretend to be a sales clerk. Make pretend purchases of items in the home and ask the child to give you the correct change.