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Build Your Own Business (NL)

Subject Area: Language Arts

Links to the Newfoundland and Labrador Language Arts Curriculum Expectations:
  • 2.1 practice a range of strategies that contribute to effective talk
  • 5.1 identify relevant or interesting topics and questions for further inquiry
  • 5.2 recognize the need for a variety of reliable information from various sources
  • 5.3 locate and select information from a variety of sources
Brief Overview of Lesson:

Students will work on their own or in pairs to create a business of their choosing. They will name their business, create a business plan, design a logo, and advertisement as well as make a sales pitch to the class. Throughout the lesson, they will learn how to market their product as well as costs associated with running their own business.

Estimated Time Required for Implementation:
  • 3-4 class periods and then one for presentations (may vary depending on class size)
Materials Needed:
  • Business Plan Template
  • Logo Template
  • Advertisement/Poster Template
  • Link to Dragon’s Den Example Dragons Den Junior
  • Computers for research
Suggested Implementation Strategy:
  • Discuss with students the difference between running your own business and working for someone else.
  • Encourage them to make a list of Pros and Cons for the two sides. (Example cons for own business longer hours and more responsibility, pros for own business more freedom.)
  • Tell students they will have the opportunity to come up with their own business idea (small groups or partners) and make a business pitch to the class.
  • Show them the example from Dragon’s Den to inspire them. Give them the templates for the logo, advertisement and business brainstorming page. If technology permits, some students may want the opportunity to create a commercial for their company.
  • Teachers can choose to include prizes and have class vote on the best business ideas or just do this for fun.
  • Key words to discuss with this lesson will be budgeting for costs, investments for funding, and sales.
  • Mark the presentations.
Extended Learning Opportunities:
  • Have students create a prototype of their products or services.