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Am I a Future Entrepreneur?

Category: Crafts | Age Group: 16+


Entrepreneurship and Enterprising Skills


Craft materials


More and more young people are interested in working for themselves – and possibly being an entrepreneur. In addition, all young people can develop enterprising skills that they can apply to any kind of endeavour or work. Parents and guardians can help to develop and instill enterprising skills and attitudes in their children. The simple activity of working on a craft can help to demonstrate this – and can also help in learning about costs, revenue, and profit when it comes to running a business.

  • Go to the following link and explore various aspects of entrepreneurship. Have your son or daughter work through the quizzes, personal surveys, etc. to explore their interest in, and potential for, being an entrepreneur. Talk about what it means to be an entrepreneur—what they do and talk about—if it is something of interest to your son or daughter.
  • In addition, refer to the following link to talk about what it means to be “enterprising” and talk about the figure that is shown of the “entrepreneurial or enterprising person.” Talk about how enterprising skills can be valuable in any kind of work—including school work and work around the home.
  • Talk with your teen about the idea of making some kind of craft with you to sell at a local fundraiser—for their school, a hospital, a seniors’ home, etc. Talk about ideas for the kind of craft they would be interested in making. What do they think people would need or want—and be willing to buy? That is the key to looking for opportunities for a business—identifying things that people need and want and would be willing to pay for.
  • Once you have decided on the craft, make a list of materials you need, research instructions if you need them, or create your own new ideas.
  • Try if you can to have your teen choose a craft to focus on that really interests them. The factor contributing most to entrepreneurial success is “passion”—doing something that you love to do. See if you can link the craft idea to something they are really interested in. Who knows, they may go on to do this for a business some day.

Your teen can bring friends together to produce more of the craft to sell for charity.