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Money Fair Guide

What is a “Money Fair”?

A Money Fair involves pairs of students at any grade level (6, 7, and 8 recommended) selecting a money topic that is of interest to them, undertaking research to explore and learn about that topic, and preparing a display board that showcases the outcome of their research and what they learned.


It is important that students select topics that are of personal interest to them. Students are most likely to be engaged and learn when they are focusing on something that is of interest to them.

Once complete, students set up their display boards in a classroom or large open space, so that others can come, visit, and talk with them about their display and what they have learned. Ideally, the school will arrange time for other students to visit the displays and speak with students about the money topic they chose. Also, a Money Fair provides an excellent opportunity to invite parents to the school to see the displays and talk with kids about money!

A Money Fair can be an activity that draws attention from the whole school and can help get all students more interested in learning about money – and preparing for their financial futures. A Money Fair should be a fun, interesting, and engaging activity for students – at the same time as they learn about money and improve their financial literacy and capability.

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