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February – A Time for Giving

With it being February, the month of Valentine’s Day, what better time to talk to kids about spreading love, and how that can apply to money.

So much of the time when we discuss money with kids, we talk about things like saving, spending wisely and budgeting, but another important topic to discuss with them is Sharing. When we say sharing, we mean sharing in terms of giving and donating to others or groups who are less fortunate and need support.

Teaching kids about sharing when it comes to money, teaches them so many important life lessons – generosity, compassion, passion, delayed gratification, saving and so much more. We need to teach kids it’s not necessarily about just giving money away, but rather it’s about putting money towards a cause or something they’re passionate about.

Here’s a great resource from the Talk With Our Kids About Money website to help teach kids about dividing money up for spending, saving and giving to others:

Below are a few great examples of kids giving and donating, showing how it can bring so much satisfaction and joy:

What better way to make donating fun, than to mix in some arts and crafts! Spend/Save/Share piggy banks are a popular way to help kids show the split between money to be saved, spent, and kept for giving to others. There are lots of great resources online giving ideas on all the different ways kids can make their very own personally-designed piggy banks. They’ll learn about money and giving, and have a blast in the process!

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