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Background Information – Talk With Our Kids About Money Day

April 15 is the eighth annual Talk With Our Kids About Money Day.

TWOKAM was launched as a pilot program in Toronto and Montreal area schools in 2013. In April, 2019, some 7,700 schools and about 900,000 students participated in the sixth annual TWOKAM Day.

In 2018, the Territories participated for the first time making TWOKAM Day truly coast to coast to coast across Canada. Talk With Our Kids About Money Day is the third Wednesday in April every year.

The Canadian Foundation for Economic Education has introduced “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” across North America. TWOKAM is intended to “get the conversations started” and help young people learn more about money and personal finances. It’s a fun and interactive program for kids, parents, and teachers to take the stress out of “Having the Talk.”

The purpose of “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” is to increase the extent to which parents, guardians, other caregivers, employers, the media, and schools engage children in discussions about money matters relevant to their lives and, over time, contribute to improved financial literacy in Canada.

The program is multi-faceted but has, at its core, “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” scheduled for April 15, 2020. On that day families and teachers of all grades will be encouraged to have “The Talk” with kids about money.

The “School Program” encourages teachers in all subject areas to teach a lesson relevant to their respective subject areas but with a focus on a money issue or topic. The website provides sample lesson plans for all subject areas to help support teachers with instruction – and the lessons are linked to provincial learning outcomes in the curriculum. At the same time, teachers are also encouraged to “do their own thing” and share their lessons via the website for other educators to consider. The program is designed to support provincial ministry priorities of integrating financial education into the curriculum. Also, there are opportunities for teachers to link the School Program with the Home Program through pre and post activities preparing for, and following up on, “Talk Day.” Any school in Canada can participate, and is encouraged to do so.

The “Home Program” encourages parents and guardians of children of all ages, and all across Canada, to begin, or continue, discussions with their kids about money. The website provides parents and guardians with a variety of tools, ideas, and activities.

There is absolutely no cost for any school, teacher, parent or student to use any and all of the resources offered.