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Gary Rabbior

Picture - Gary Rabbior

Gary Rabbior, President, Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)

  • Gary works to improve economic and financial capability to enable Canadians to undertake their economic decisions and actions with confidence and competence.
  • Gary has developed school curriculum and written a variety of learning resources – including Money and Youth – with over 430,000 copies in circulation and the “Newcomers to Canada DayPlanner” with over 640,000 copies in circulation.
  • Gary has assisted the Bank of Canada and the federal Department of Finance with public economic education by writing a “Layperson’s Guide to Money and Monetary Policy” for the Bank and “Canada’s Economy: What Path, What Future?” for Finance.
  • Gary has served as a Director, Adviser, or Consultant to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Canadian Bankers Association, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, the Toronto Association of Business Economists, Child and Youth Finance International (Amsterdam), the Asia Pacific Economic Community, and was recently appointed by Canada’s federal government to the 15 member National Steering Committee to help develop a strategy for improving financial literacy in Canada.
  • Gary is the creator and coordinator of a number of major financial literacy projects including “Talk With Our Kids About Money Day” and “The Building Futures Project” which integrates financial education into core school curricula in grades 4-10.
  • Gary was awarded the “Consumer Educator of the Year Award” by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Commercial Relations. He was also awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award by the University of Waterloo.