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Something Good

Category: Books | Age Group: 5-7


Shopping and Making Spending Decisions with Money


A copy of the book Something Good by Robert Munsch. Available at the Public Library, Chapters, or Amazon.


When you are grocery shopping, does your child ever ask you to buy things that are not on your shopping list? In this story, Something Good, a girl tries and tries to get her father to buy something good at the grocery store. Her father gets tired of her nagging and when the saleslady puts a price tag on Tyya, the father buys her for $29.95! Children really like Robert Munsch books, and this one may just avoid a hassle at the supermarket the next time you are there.


Begin by looking at the cover of the book and ask your child to predict what is going to happen in the story. Then, read the book to your child. When you finish reading it, discuss what the message is in the story.


This book could also be used to start a discussion about avoiding sugary treats and making healthy food choices.


Read other books on the topic of shopping and spending money.

  1. Something Special For Me by Vera B. Williams. Rosa can’t make up her mind. After a long day of shopping, she finally finds the gift she wants.
  2. Just Shopping With Mom by Mercer Mayer. Mom shops with three youngsters. One has trouble accepting “no” for an answer.
  3. The Gift by Aliana Brodmann. A young girl cannot decide what to buy with her Hanukkah money. Her decision is touching and surprising.
  4. Alexander, Who Used To Be Rich Last Sunday by Judith Viorst. Alexander started the week as a rich young man. There are so many things he could do with a dollar. The money begins to slip away.