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Résumé (QC)

Subject Area: French

Brief Overview

The importance of a C.V. to get a job and to make money through a language class.

Role Play

With questions:
– What is a résumé?
– What is it for?
– What do we find in it?

Learning Area(s)

French: oral expression, spelling, interpersonal skills, manners, introducing oneself, knowing how to sell oneself, organization skills

Expected Result(s)

– Help student understand the importance of having a résumé and knowing how to sell oneself
– Creating a résumé
– Being able to give true references (fake references can have heavy consequences: no job = no money = no apartment = no car = no loan = bad start in life …)
– Students must understand the link between all learning areas: (create a résumé g go on an interview g get a job g get paid g handle one’s money)

Explaining the Learning Material

Important items that must appear on a résumé:
– Name, address
– What schools did they attend?
– What language do they speak
– What experience do they have (volunteering, coop, trips, etc)?
– Qualities
– References
– Cover letter


Meet with the guidance counsellor for more information (what is necessary, clear, to the point)
Help student create their résumé (determine order of importance)

Knowledge Consolidation

Interview role play
To be able to recognize students through their résumé (association game)


– Take a field trip with students to hand out résumé in stores.
– 2 weeks later: Who got a call back? (Knowledge Consolidation + follow-up)

Class Management

Work with the Class ____ x ____ Individual Work ____ x ____ Team Work____ x ____ Other:_____________________

Required Supplies

Pencil, eraser, paper, dictionary, grammar books, computer, samples of résumés