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Reading a Book – Our Corner Grocery Store

Category: Books | Age Group: 5-7


Running a Small Business


A copy of the book Our Corner Grocery Store, by Joanne Schwartz, Illustrated by Laura Beingessner Publisher: Tundra Books, ISBN: 978-0-88776-868-2 (0-88776-868-7), Available from Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, and the Public Library


This book is based on the author’s memories of a corner grocery store in her neighbourhood. The book acknowledges the role of small independent grocers who are an important part of a community. The little girl in the book is proud to help arrange fruits and vegetables, greet the customers, and keep things neat and tidy in her grandparents’ corner grocery store. Children who read the book will see that small businesses are a way of earning money. They will see how important a local store is to a community and they will learn how helping the family can be a fun, rewarding experience.

  • Look at the picture on the cover together and ask your child what kind of store they think it is.
  • Ask them to think of a neighbourhood store that they have gone to with a family member.
  • Tell them that you are going to read a book together about a neighbourhood store.
  • Read the book and ask why it is important to have a store like this in a neighbourhood.
  • Talk about what the little girl does to help her grandparents.
  • Go to the following website and listen to a song called “Corner Grocery Store” by Raffi
  • Visit a local store and compare the kinds of things they sell to what was sold in the store in the book.