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Coat of Many Colors

Category: Books | Age Group: 5-7


Money doesn’t make you rich


A copy of the book Coat of Many Colors by Dolly Parton (available at Amazon or the public library)


This book teaches children that money doesn’t grow on trees. Sometimes people must be resourceful and use what is found in the house to save money. It also stresses the hurtfulness of children who bully or tease others.

  • This book is based on a true story. Winter is coming and there’s no money to buy a new coat, so a little girl’s mama sews one for her out of rags. The little girl wears it to school proudly, and when the other children laugh, she gives them a quick lesson about what it means to be rich.
  • Read and discuss the book with your child, talk about what is happening as you read it together. Ask your child how everyone is feeling at different stages of the book and talk about how the mother and little girl both solved a problem.
  • Demonstrate how your family can save money too. Make something you need from old pieces of cloth – for example, a pencil case, doll clothes, pillow cover, a patchwork blanket, etc.
  • Look for the TV movie version of the book and watch it together.